An Athens based creative company established by Marianna (the mother) and Natalia (the daughter),focusing on design.


Specializing in creating unique, chic  projects tailored specifically to each client, our company differs both in its modus operandi as well as in its way of looking at things.


Natalia's youthful flair combined with Marianna's experience jointly provide the platform for eclectic creations.


Their portfolio includes a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from art direction,set design for tv and film, interior design, shop windows, gardens, restaurants, hotels, villas as well as events and fun parks.


They are known mostly for their passion and  ability to create something from nothing using mostly Eco materials.


Their work is widely acknowledged across the world with projects completed from New York to London, Athens, Amsterdam, Paris, Bulgaria etc.  


Their clients include: Selfridges - UK,Galeries Lafayette- Paris,Santa Claus kingdom, Ant1 tv, Notos home, Notos Galleries, Christofle, Juicy Couture,Ermenegildo Zegna, Orrefors, Theory,Theoxenia Hotel Myconos,  Agosto restaurant,Ios,Enplw,clubKoufonisi,Hermes,Hublot,Perrelet,BaumeMercier,Gioconda, HOL,Loft,Aiolos, Funtasy park,sofia ring mall among others.